Brief Report of Fall Season – 2018

/Brief Report of Fall Season – 2018

Brief Report of Fall Season – 2018

HRA Aid-posts at Manang (3550 m.) and Pheriche (4250 m.) operation for the Fall Season 2018 were successfully completed. The HRA has been providing medical services to local people, trekkers and mountaineers and their support staff including porters and guides from the Aid-posts since its inception. HRA has also been providing lecture on Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) from both aid-posts and Kathmandu head office as well.

Dr. Ellen Martha Stein, USA, Dr. Kathrin Genta, Italy volunteered at Manang Aid-post.

Dr. Beth Mary Grace McElroy, British, Dr. Natalie Hazel Paterson, British, Mr. Daniel Paul Ramsay and Dr. Brendan Harry Adkins Milliner, USA volunteered at Pheriche Aid-post.

Given below are the brief statistics of Medical Service provided from the Aid-post during Fall season -2018:

Fall Season 2018                       Manang Aid-post        Pheriche Aid-post       

Nepali Patients                                   274                              371

Foreigners                                           229                              344

Total Patients                                   503                              715     

AMS Talk Attendees                          1949                            501

Aid-posts are closed for winter season 2018 and will open in spring season 2019.  Everest-ER medical clinic will open for Spring Season 2019.


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