Dear HRA Supporters,

Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established to make travel in the Himalayas of Nepal safer. HRA was formed in1973 to prevent and study high altitude mountain sickness and related problem in the Himalayas.

One of the most important tasks of HRA is to try to prevent death due to Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) that confronts foreign trekkers and Nepali alike while travelling in the high mountain regions of the Himalayas. HRA took the responsibility in the prevention of accident and illness through the dissemination of information on safety in the mountain. With the facility of radio communication / satellite telephone network HRA post helped very sick travelers in emergency evacuation by helicopter and aircraft. Training people on the altitude sickness and research work on high altitude are other responsibilities that the association has taken. Beside that the aid post has also provided valuable medical assistance to the local people.

At present, HRA operates two high altitude Aid-posts: one at Manang (3500m) and the other one is at Pheriche (4200m). Manang is located on the trail of Around Annapurna trek and Pheriche is located on the way to the base camp of Mt.Everest. Both posts have been built to provide medical assistance and emergency evacuation service. These Aid-posts are staffed by the western volunteer doctors (sometime Nepali doctors) with Nepali assistance. The posts are opened every spring and fall during the main trekking season. These Aid-posts provides inexpensive and free medical treatment to the local community and, trekking and mountaineering support staff as well.

Every year about 4000 people receives medical treatment and about 100 seriously sick people are evacuated with the help of HRA Aid-posts volunteers and staffs. About 15,000 people have attended AMS lecture delivered by the volunteer doctors. It has been a great satisfaction that more than the treatment and evacuation HRA has helped save many lives in Everest and Annapurna regions of the Himalayas in Nepal.

HRA operates information center in Kathmandu. This center provides information on trekking safety and condition in the mountain. It has scheduled daily talk programme on Acute Mountain Sickness. It has facilities for trekkers to register before they go to the mountain. The center has trekkers’ logbook, a small library, and a notice board with relevant information.

Himalayan Rescue Association has been able to continue its service over the last 40 years with the proceeds from the sell of HRA logo and souvenir such as T-shirts, patches, hats etc, and modest donation from individuals and organization. Please contact HRA ( if you are interested to give your helping hand to Himalayan Rescue Association. Your help, however small it may be, would help save lives in the Himalayas.

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